October Pau Hana Meeting- Honolulu Coffee Company's Experience Center

This October the Concierge Association of Hawaii was hosted by Honolulu Coffee Company to tour their Experience Center in Waikiki. During our visit we enjoyed a delectable sampling of their savory offerings along with a delicious Cold Brew Moscow Mule. 

Honolulu Coffee Company’s Experience Center is their flagship store within the islands. This location is home to their bakeshop where items are freshly baked and distributed daily to each of the Hawaii stores. This is also where all of Honolulu Coffee Company’s beans are tested for quality, roasted, and packaged for distribution. 

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Prior to distribution, the fresh beans are tested for quality within their climate controlled Cupping Room. Their Cupping Room is also the location where company-wide barista training sessions are held. Once the beans have been given the seal of good quality they are given to their Head Roaster.

Thomas Keisling, Honolulu Coffee Company’s Award Winning Head Roaster, will begin the roasting process by utilizing their cast-iron, 1944 Probat Coffee Roaster, which is a one of kind in the islands. 

Thomas (left) discussing the art and science of coffee roasting.

Thomas (left) discussing the art and science of coffee roasting.

The artwork within the Experience Center reflects the history of coffee’s evolution globally and here in the Islands. To go alongside the artwork, you will find historic equipment that was used throughout time to create the perfect bean. 

Tours are hosted daily at 1PM.

Tours are hosted daily at 1PM.

The Honolulu Coffee Company’s Experience Center offers complimentary 20-minute tours of their facility daily at 1:00 PM. Their tours are a fantastic alternative for guests looking to learn more about the coffee process here in Hawaii without having to rent a car. They even have coffee trees on site and if you’re lucky they will give you a sample cherry to try! Their knowledgeable staff are always willing to assist with any questions you or your guests may have!