Hawaii Concierge represented in Berlin

Source:  Frank Hernandez, Member

"Visiting Berlin for the 64th UICH Les Clefs d’Or International Congress was magic!  Our organizations motto “In service through friendship” became fully realized the moment I crossed arms with colleagues from NYC and SFO in a photo fronting the Brandenburg Gate, in the heart of Berlin.

"During our Education Symposium, we were all treated to the most motivational speakers, the BEST of the group was actually from HAWAII – Stephanie Piimauna! Her message of hospitality, care and ALOHA touched our Concierge friends from all over the world – the energy was electric!"

“Recharge, Replenish and Reconnect: Create your Blueprint to a Healthy and Balanced Career”

Stephanie has been in the customer service and learning and development industry for 23 years, she has traveled across the US and Europe facilitating leadership training and delivering motivational speeches for various organizations. Stephanie is a certified trainer for Franklin Covey, graduate of Rapport Leadership’s Leader 1 & Power of Communication Program, graduate of Mastership for Transformation Leaders Program, certified in UCSD’s The Strategic Leader Course, spoke at the 2016 ERG & Council conference, and is a faculty member for University of California at San Diego. Stephanie delivers with energy and enthusiasm that brings her sessions to life.

Photo courtesy of Frank  Hernandez 

Photo courtesy of Frank  Hernandez